Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Services Chaska Family Dental

Bring you smile back to its original state or go beyond that and correct any and every flaw; Chaska Family Dental offers many restorative treatments for the Chaska, MN area. Regardless of the reason and extent of your desired corrections, we can provide the highest quality results. When restoring, or reconstructing teeth, it’s vitally important that the results look and feel natural. Our dental office has the experience and technology that go hand-in-hand to produce unmatched end results.

Technology and Experience

Chaska Family Dental utilizes CEREC technology, which allows us to custom mill porcelain crowns and other types of reconstruction; without metal and any unnatural appearing materials. Our office also focuses on our dentist’s highly capable abilities, which have been master by years of experience, required and continuing certifications.

Crowns & Bridges

Return attraction to damaged, brittle teeth with a crown or bridge. These custom-fit dental solutions restore structure, look and strength to teeth. Chaska Family Dental’s advanced CEREC technology allows us to mill a custom fit, exact porcelain crown in our office that is a complete color match to your natural teeth.

Whether it’s a row of missing teeth or just a single tooth a crown and bridge is a great dental solution. Our skilled dental staff can tailor a perfect resolution to exact needs. Don’t let yourself go on any longer with a painful, damaged or noticeable missing tooth. We offer seamless answers.


If your smile needs some reconstructing dentures may be a great solution. Chaska Family Dental offers full or partial sets of false teeth that fit securely and comfortably. Our office can also offer the most natural looking and working dentures, to take years off your smile and improve the way you feel about yourself.


Or dentist clinic offers only the highest quality composite resin that fills in cavities for long-lasting protection and strength. This filling material is safer than the alternative silver or amalgam filing options and outperforms them both.

Our composite resin fillings contain no metal, which allows us to exactly match the color of your teeth, you might forget where your fillings are. And of course others won’t be able to notice any fillings, opposed to the standard silver options that are the opposite of the natural tooth color. Our advanced filling material also prevents breakage and protects against cold and hot.

The composite fillings we offer our patients last seven to ten years, which is as long as the traditional, older style fillings last. And if desired, we are more than happy to replace those old, noticeable silver fillings with our natural colored composite material. The difference is dramatic, even in back molars.

With our advanced composite fillings some may experience temporary and mild sensitivity. Chaska Family Dental offers a clear plastic sealant that can coat your new fillings to prevent discoloration due to coffee, tea, other drinks or habits that may lead to discoloration.

Implant Restoration

If you’re searching for an effective procedure that can replace one or many missing teeth, dental implants may be just what your smile needs. Placing the implants involves multiple steps; first an oral surgery procedure will be completed to attach a titanium screw to the jawbone, this will act as the anchor. Then, after a few months the body heals and fuses the bone with the titanium post making it secure and ready for the next step. The final process is linking the artificial tooth or teeth to the anchor. The results are outstanding and can improve the strength of the jaw dramatically.

Inlays & Onlays

If your tooth needs repair that’s too big for a resin filling, a porcelain inlay or onlay may be your answer. Chaska Family Dental provides quality creation using our CEREC system, in just one appointment. The services are completed same day and the results are permanent.

Inlays – are located in the lower section of a tooth’s surface Onlays – are located are used to restore the raised section of a tooth

Root Canals

A root canal is performed when a tool is infected or severely decayed. Often times, if you are feeling tooth pain, this may be the procedure that will cure you of all your discomfort. If the pulp of a tooth becomes rotten it needs to be extracted, to prevent further spread of the infection and eliminate the pain experienced because of it. Once the tissue is successfully and completely removed the area is sealed off. Sometimes, if the root canal is complex enough, we may refer to a qualified endodontist for full completion.

Tooth Extractions

There are multiple reasons that a tooth needs to be removed, from baby teeth to wisdom teeth, Chaska Family Dental provides complete removal services. Teeth that are badly damaged may need to be removed so the risk doesn’t spread to surrounding teeth and the jaw. Other removal processes may be because of orthodontic corrections, other complications or a variety of other reasons.

It is important to not only focus on the needed removal of the tooth but also what that removal will do to the existing teeth. Chewing problems or jaw functions can be caused by an ill prepared and planned out tooth extraction. Chaska Family Dental will always advise you of recommendations that can eliminate the chances of issues occurring.

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